We Are Ready!

We Are Ready!

We want to provide a sense of security & normalcy to you and your dancer’s life. In this ever changing time we have found ourselves in, we have developed a response plan to try and achieve that goal and keep our dance family together.

We plan to provide online classes for any dancers who are unable to attend classes due to illness or COVID symptoms (cold, runny nose, cough) so your child can keep dancing while we keeping our community safe. If government closures occur again and our studio is closed for a second wave, we will be able to run classes virtually until a change in security is achieved or until the season is complete. We are confident that our online classes, although a different format of learning, will be just as beneficial to your dancer as in person.

We will also offer virtual classes for any dancers or families looking for a virtual option to suite their needs. Please contact us for more information on our virtual options..


We will be following all government guidelines to ensure the safe re-opening of our facility.
– Physical Distancing in all In Person Classes
– Hand sanitization stations will be placed at entrances and exits
– Hand washing and sanitization will be done promptly upon arrival and throughout
the students’ time at our facility.
– Set standardized cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place
– Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting protocols
– Limited class sizes for our in-person classes
– Contactless & limited drop-off and pick-up of dancers
– Daily screening of dancers and staff prior to entering the studio (by parent at
home & by faculty upon arrival)
– In person classes with virtual back up
– Virtual class options

Students are required to do a daily health check and fill out our online waiver prior to classes each day. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of all our dance families and faculty.

Following Town of Banff bylaw (Bylaw 436), dancers and faculty are REQUIRED to wear a face mask when entering and exiting our facility, unless they are exempt (underlying health conditions, under the age of 3). Once students have entered the studio, masks will be allowed to be removed. Dancers may also wear their masks throughout class (at the parent and dancer’s discretion).