Step 1

FIND A CLASS Take a look at our Schedule & Class Descriptions to discover what BDA classes are being offered for your dancer. Need some help? Contact us and we will gladly assist.

Step 2

REGISTER Once you find your class, register for it! Click the ‘Register Now’ icon found on the page or down below.

Step 3

FOLLOW THE REGISTRATION PROMPTS Our online registration portal will guide you through the process of registering. Need some help? Contact us for any help needed.

Step 4

PAYMENT Initial payment must be made by eTransfer. Further payments may be made by eTransfer or by cheque. Payment of the Registration Fee and the first tuition payment are due upon registration to complete your registration and secure your spot.

Step 5

GET EXCITED Check out the dress codes and studio policies in preparation for your first day. Our team will contact you prior to your first class to check in & pass on any important information. Our instructors are excited to have you join the BDA family and see what makes our dance studio so special!