At Banff Dance Academy, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and inviting atmosphere for all of our dancers and their families.

Our Studio Policies were developed in line with our studio values.

We require all of our families to understand and follow these policies.

Class Cancellations

If the local school districts close schools (Canadian Rockies Public Schools, Christ the Redeemer, Conceil Scolaire Francosud), dance classes will be cancelled. Please check the website if you are unsure.

Dress Code

Dancers must follow the appropriate dress code for their classes. This dress code is enforced to benefit your dancer and the experience they have at BDA. Correct uniform allows our teachers to give technical corrections, ensure the safety of the student and also prepares students for he requirements in other professional institutions. Dress code can be found in the Dress Code page and can also be found on our parent portal.
Students in multiple classes will remain in the dress code for their initial class for the duration of their evening.

Code of Ethics

BDA’s code of ethics applies to students, parents and faculty to ensure that EVERY body that enters our doors feels supported, safe and a respected part of our community. We value our dance family and want to ensure that everyone who joins our dance family has the chance to grow and see what makes our studio so special. Our Code of Ethics can be found on the BDA Code of Ethics page. If you have any questions, or concerns about the Code of Ethics, please contact our studio director.

Dancer Safety

Dancers are not to leave the studio facility until a parent or authorized person has arrived to pick them up. For their safety, dancers are NOT to loiter outside the studio where they are not visible to staff. It is imperative that parents remain diligent with pick up times to ensure the safety of our dancers. Please discuss this with your dancer and remind them to stay inside the studio. If dancers need assistance they can speak with our instructors.

Class Placement

Although our classes are listed with age ranges, these are general suggestions and often rely on consistency throughout the program (particularly in higher level technique classes). Student placement is at the discretion of our faculty and is done with the student’s best interest in mind. At BDA, we want our students to work towards an achievable set of goals and develop confidence in their successes throughout their season. It is imperative that they are put in the appropriate level to ensure their goals can be achieved and so they have the most enjoyable experience possible. If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s placement, please contact our studio director.

Student Absences

Please inform your teacher prior to class by txt/email if your dancer is unable to attend class.

Sick Students

Please ensure that your dancer remains at home if they display ANY cold symptoms. 

Fees & Class Withdrawals

All full year classes run from September – June. The dance season is 32 weeks long and is divided into two semesters. Semester 1: September-December Semester 2: January- May. If for any reason, a student chooses to discontinue classes at any point in the dance season, one month written notification of withdrawal is required. Please note that if this occurs, one-month tuition (from date of notification) and registration fees are non-refundable. Fees are payable until proper notice is received by the office or the studio director. We do not prorate months or missed days, holidays or school vacations.