Kind Words

From a parent’s perspective the Banff Dance Academy has played an integral part in my children’s development. From the moment the doors opened my daughters have not only attended classes in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz, they have also thrived under the amazing tutelage offered by Rachael Tarchuk. Her knowledge, professionalism, empathy, and kind leadership have allowed my girls to become beautiful, confident, dancers. Adding to their dance skills my daughters have also learned the meaning of dedication, hard work, and focus. In my daughter Erin’s own words, “Banff Dance Academy has taken me from a shy, quiet, timid dancer to a confident performer who now loves being on the stage.” And in the words of my daughter Ciara, “Banff Dance Academy gave me the freedom to express my creativity in a safe, caring environment. It also taught me to focus on my dance skills and the importance of hard work. I have taken all those skills with me as I pursue my university degree in Bio-chemistry. Thanks so much Rachael!” I highly recommend Banff Dance Academy and appreciate everything Rachael has done to help my daughters grow and become the confident young women they are today. Sincerely, Tracey Rewerts, a most satisfied parent!
Tracey Rewerts
The skills my daughters acquired in dancing were of great asset to their figure skating. I highly recommend Banff Dance Academy.
Somas Kandasamy
I have three daughters that spent many hours training at Banff Dance Academy since 2007. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and train under such a highly-qualified instructor. Rachael and her teachers provided valuable mentorship and care about their students both as dancers and individuals. Any corrections received were always constructive to help them achieve the goals and expected outcomes. The examinations and show performances increased their self-confidence in front of strangers & peers. I highly support and recommend Banff Dance Academy.
Christine Tromsness